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Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:22 pm by Admin

- general rules
- newbie guide
- item rules
- classes rules
- crafting
- combat guidelines
- factions
- NPCs

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Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:04 pm by Admin

link for site discord

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Doskvol Daily

Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:03 pm by Admin

IC news here!

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Mission System

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1 Mission System on Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:48 pm


Constitutes most of the activity on the site. Any sort risky activity or event objective will be in mission format. These range from tiers 1 to 5, with tiers 4 and 5 only accessible inside events.

There are two types of missions:

Non event missions: Tiers 1 to 3 only. These are private, meaning no one can interfere in your thread other than staff. You are completely responsible for the narrative. However, taking any action that would have a significant impact on the world or PCs is prohibited. This mission type is good for those who don't want to risk death in an event.

Event missions: Tiers 1 to 5. Narrated by staff, these will be conducted in threads with other people. Involves risk but offers much greater reward. For more info see Event Guidelines here.

T1: Reasonably quick and easy, an average human could accomplish these with some effort.
Requires a minimum of 1000 words to complete.

T2: Risky for those that don't have talent in the field and difficult for those who do. Someone who has dedicated their lives to the skill being tested in the mission would find this challenging and dangerous. Make sure your character faces problems somewhere in the thread if done outside of an event.
Requires a minimum of 1500 words to complete

T3: Medium scale operations with many moving parts. Prepare well and execute better. Difficult for even experts. These missions are expected to be of high quality if done outside of an event.
Requires a minimum of 2000 words to complete.

T4: Trials for prodigies in their field. Likely to have a high failure rate and even death rate. Must be event missions.
Requires a minimum of 2500 words to complete.

T5: Missions of the highest difficulty. Surviving these will prove your mastery and have people singing tales of you. Must be event missions.
Requires a minimum of 3000 words to complete.

Rewards given from missions are 'bought' using the word count that is put into them. You choose which rewards you want and split your word count between them. Remaining word count is not kept after a mission in any way.

Skills and XP:
You may only buy one skill and one XP per mission. You may buy a tier of skill or XP that relates to the tier of mission, or the tiers below. The word count cost as follows.
T1 - 750 wc in T1-5 missions
T2 - 1500 wc in T2-5 missions
T3 - 2250 wc in T3-5 missions
T4 - 3000 wc in T4-5 missions
T5 - 4000 wc in T5 missions

You may buy silver for word count. In normal missions, the exchange rate is 1 silver per 10 words. In event missions, the exchange rate increases as the mission tier increases.
T1 - 1 silver per 10 wc
T2 - 2 silver per 10 wc
T3 - 3 silver per 10 wc
T4 - 4 silver per 10 wc
T5 - 5 silver per 10 wc

Normal missions:

To go on a normal mission, follow the steps below

1: Create a thread in the mission section here and post a filled out template.
2: Submit the link into moderator requests here.
3: Once approved, you may take the mission in the City of Doskvol folder.
4: Once complete, post a link to the thread where you took the mission in the original mission application.
5: List what rewards you would like to spend your word count on.
6: Submit the application link to moderator requests.

Event missions:

These have a different procedure. Information can be found in Event System here.

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