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- general rules
- newbie guide
- item rules
- classes rules
- crafting
- combat guidelines
- factions
- NPCs

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link for site discord

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IC news here!

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Event System

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1 Event System on Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:45 pm


Events are large threads which will contain all major happenings in the world. These will be narrated by staff and will be open for PCs to join once certain conditions are met. In events you can attempt to accomplish whatever you like, and what the PCs do will have a meaningful impact. Events are based around a single story which will be written by staff. PCs are then free to interfere or take part however they like.

Maybe there is a big deal going down. One of you could have been hired as protection. Maybe some are participating in a bluecoat raid. Maybe a thief aims to steal the goods. Maybe you're there attempting to make connections for the future. This site's primary focus is to facilitate these events.

In these threads you are likely to have people who you will have conflict with, both PC and NPC. Events will be dangerous and PC death will be common. It would be wise for you to watch your step and refrain from skipping rounds.

There is procedure in events so that all the moving parts can come together. Following ettiquite is mandatory.

Stage One - Sign Up

A page of information on the event will be posted ahead of time. Post a mission of what you are aiming to accomplish during the event. Follow normal mission approval procedure. Once it is graded, you will automatically be added to the event and your participation will be locked in. You have until the start date to prepare. It is suggested that high tier missions are prepared for properly.

Stage Two - Event writing

On the start date, the staff member in charge will create the event thread. You may then reply, establishing your character's position at the scene as well as establishing intent for your first action (see below), however, no action may be taken until the second round.

From the moderators post, you have a minimum 72 hours each round before the moderator will be due to post again. Although posting rounds may be longer, it is advised to post within this frame to make sure you are not skipped. Pace your actions so that you may exit the event tread when the post length has been reached. Exceptions will be made should PC conflict occur, but the same may not be true for conflict with NPC so it is advised that you make room for complications.

Stage Three - Conclusion

A staff member will conclude the thread once the post length has been reached and all PC conflicts are resolved. A summary of all outcomes of the event will be written up and unique rewards will be served. Claim rewards as you would with a normal mission. Should a PC fail to exit the event thread, they will be evicted. See event eviction below.

Establishing intent:

Most rounds, you can expect the moderator to put an obstacle in front of you. This could be in various forms that will depend on your situation, approach and goal. Examples include an NPC that needs convincing, a patrolling guard or maybe a locked door. The difficulty and number of obstacles will depend on the tier of your mission.

To make progress on your mission, establish what you are trying to achieve in the moment, like a mini goal in the bigger picture of the mission. This will allow the narrator to place an appropriate obstacle in front of you, and in turn, something for you to overcome so that you may make progress.

For example.

You start outside the bluecoat compound. You are wanting to break in by using your athleticism. So you write: "Bob scanned the perimeter of the compound, looking for a way to climb the barrier." Here you have established your intent.

This would allow the moderator to recognise what you are trying to achieve and so in turn he could write something like: "The two metre high fence looks dangerous to climb, however, there seems to be a small gap in the barbed wire that could be navigated given a few seconds."

From there, you could take advantage of the option provided, and once done, you may begin establishing intent for the action you will take on the next round.

Event eviction:

This happens when PC's fail to exit the event thread in the given number of posts for the event length, or, if a PC breaks the rules. The PC will fall victim to a fate of the moderator's decision based on their current point in the thread. This could mean being arrested or even killed. It is important to make sure you are moving towards the goal of your mission with every post and leave a couple of posts for a safety net should complications arise. Extra posts will be allocated to those who involve themselves in PC conflict (see below).

PC conflict:

Events are designed so that PC conflict may occur. It is important that members adhere to the guidelines so no one's experience is ruined. Information on the Combat System here.

When a PC initiates conflict, the next moderator post will make it clear what is happening. From then on, those involved in the conflict will post one at a time, with only one of the participants in each round.

PC conflict will lengthen events naturally. Thus, should such conflicts happen, PC's won't be penalised by being evicted from the thread should they go over the event post length. Be that as it may, dragging out exchanges is not ideal - save it for social threads afterward if possible. The moderator will give guidance on the conflict.


Events are the only way to obtain t4 and t5 skills and XP, and those tiered ranks by extension. The silver payout is larger and you may even get a unique item or power. But the biggest reward is possibly the effect you have on the world, since events are the only way to make your mark.

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