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- general rules
- newbie guide
- item rules
- classes rules
- crafting
- combat guidelines
- factions
- NPCs

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link for site discord

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Doskvol Daily

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IC news here!

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Shop System

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Cataclysm requires purchases from shops to have an IC portion of the process. First, post only once in the shop with the purchase you would like to make. Second, link the shop purchase to your character page. Third, link your character page in mod requests. A mod will post in the shop in response and update your character page accordingly.

Some of these shops have job boards where you may take a preset mission that may potentially result in extra rewards.

Some of these shops are places where you can buy information. See shop for details.

Links to shops:

Doskvol Hospital - Expensive medical products and services

Birkke and Sons Clinic - Medium medical products and services

St Olis Clinic - Cheap medical products and services

Auntie Queeny's Favours - Expensive information. Favours for sale. Factionless Job board

Grissom's Palace - Gambling. Medium information. Factionless job board. Personnel hire.

Splendorous Stitching - Expensive clothing and costumes.

Tabby Tailor - Cheap clothing, scoundrel costumes and cheap information.

Steel, Stone and Sparc Inc. - Industrial goods and services. Inventions.

Bit on the Side Services - Prison guard smuggling.

White Heron Society - Spirit warden supplies and weapons. Occult products and services. Spirit warden job board.

City Central HQ - Supplies, weapons, information and job board for law enforcement.

Dpt. Bureaucratic Law -  Legal representation, documents and other misc professional services and products.

Council of Property and Housing - Property.

Raven's Nest - Scoundrel weapons and supplies. Raven specific products, job board and information.

Eddie's Alleyway - Scoundrel supplies and job board.

Charlie's Anchorage - Transportation.

Doskvol Chemist and Apothecary - Medical, drugs and poisons.

Elid's Emporium of Exotic Goods - Miscellaneous.

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