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- general rules
- newbie guide
- item rules
- classes rules
- crafting
- combat guidelines
- factions
- NPCs

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Classes System

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1 Classes System on Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:53 pm


The embodiment of force, a cutter uses their strength and athleticism to back up their intimidation with overwhelming violence.
An individual with a talent for strength and brawling. Their presence is probably intimidating just by itself.
blade dancer
Someone who has skill with weapons and focuses on technique rather than strength.
A person who boasts great endurance and toughness. Can take a hit, and then probably the next one.

A skillful sharpshooter, hunter and ranger.
Unnatural skill with firearms and deadly from range. Challenging one to a duel is not advisable.
beast master
An individual that uses their pets in a wide range of uses to accomplish tasks.
The Bear Grylls of Doskvol, these people have what it takes to endure and make it through alive.

Sneaky is their middle name, lurks use stealth and evasion to conduct their business. Rooftops become roads and shadows become safety for these people.
A person that is capable of unnatural feats of agility.
Someone with the ability to enter a secure environment and avoid detection.
An individual capable of disguise and subterfuge. Is probably slipping something into your drink while distracting you with a party trick.

A manipulator and string puller as well as being adept at planning. Every good politician is a bit of a slide.
Has great intellect when it comes to the preparation and execution of even the most complex strategies.
Someone with a dangerous tongue that can weave the most convincing of lies. Can probably convince you to sell your soul to them for a box set of Seinfeld.
A person adept at weaving a web of contacts and consorting with all kinds on their way to the top. They know a guy who knows a guy.

The people with technical genius, whether it be chemistry, engineering or medical science. The most prodigious leeches can spur scientific breakthroughs or rebuild a dying man back to health.
A person capable of creating all sorts of chemicals, from drugs to poisons.
Someone that can invent and then craft complex mechanisms to help or hinder. They can also sabotage to wreak havoc.
Someone with the ability to patch you up on the mission or assist in your recovery.

The "I see dead people class". Whispers are capable of interacting with the spiritual beings and have proficiency in the supernatural elements of the world. The scariest of whispers can wield nightmares and for that, their kind are met with fear from the common folk.
An individual that can manipulate the forces of the ghost veil to manifest in freak weather. The strongest can harness supernatural storms.
One who converses and sways the dead, their specialty is in spirits and the like.
A person capable of harnessing the ghost veil to bring about blessings and curses.

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2 Re: Classes System on Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:31 pm


Start with 1 class at tier 1 unless there's a special case.

3rd class maximum gets unlocked once you have one class at tier 3. 4th class is unlocked once one class reaches tier 5.

Only one class can reach tier 5, only one other can reach tier 4. If two classes of the same group are tier 4 or above, the last class in the group can reach tier 4 as well as a specialisation bonus.

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